The Association pursues the following aims:

  • To promote the global significance and reputation of Underwater Film  Festivals across the Europe and in the rest of the World;
  • To encourage European and international cooperation among the festivals or other similar organisations and institutions;
  • To encourage compliance to common environmental rules and regulations.
  • To represent the festivals in European, national and international organisations;
  • To encourage the exchange of knowledge, information and experience among the festivals;
  • To develop a coordinated approach in relation to artists, audience and authorities.
  • To support organization parts of festivals.

To constitude and standardized academic and scientific underwater imaging trainings for universities and other diving trainings organizations

  • To strengthen the international position of all activities regarding this field.
  • To contribute well-knowness of the activities.
  • To consolidate the friendship and communication of all underwater specialists and all of the people..
  • To provide films, photos and competitors to activities in order to grow up.
  • To support the promotion of underwater beauties and values for tourism.
  • To support the studies about cultural inheritance, environments and archeology.
  • To arise universal ethics and disciplines.
  • To prove the international acceptance of festivals from certificates and the copyrighted logos of EUIFA.
  • To constitude the calender of the festivals all over the world.
  • To form a chain between individuals and instutions from different countries for the activities.
  • To obtain new collaborations for underwater studies and productions.
  • To broadcast the festival promotions in other countries without oblications.
  • To give an aspect to international development of academic and independent underwater imaging activities.


  • Political,religional and racial subjects are not included in EUIFA’s coverage.
  • The festivals are belong to their own national legality.
  • The respect to environmental and cultural values of the world is the main principle of EUIFA.
  • EUIFA don’t restrict  using creativity and  new techniques for underwater imaging.
  • Festivals are free to designate their covarage and participation rules.
  • The imaging dives must be done by international certified divers with restrictions of their diving certificates.